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Welcome To Botany Bay's Guild Portal Website
Cataclysm is right around the corner, and one thing that made our guild very successful in Wrath of the Lich King was the hard work and money spent on levelling and maintaining our professions. 

With the upcoming expansion, alt-time is going to be rare again until we're all bored again. I'm thinking that'll be quite a ways off, so there will be several professions we have that are going to see less time invested, chief among them are Engineering and Inscription. 

Mains with Professions:
Alchemy - Villianilla (Find a plant? Drop it in the GB)

Blacksmithing - Gamlin (Find ore!? Drop it in the GB)

Leatherworking - Triiane (Find... skin? Drop it in the bank. ... who leaves this stuff just laying around though...)

Enchanting - Villianilla, Nymen, Proxeidolon (A wand with agility? Send it to an enchanter to dust!)

Tailors - Nymen (12 stacks of fancyweave cloth? Send it to Nymen or stick it in the bank!)

Engineers - NONE 

Jewelcrafting - Mitlan (Find ore!? Drop it in the GB)

Inscription - NONE

For example, Damnbledore and Midela have been great for glyphs, but they'll likely see little play time for a long while after Cataclysm comes out. Gamlin will be my primary character, and when I'm not playing him, I'll probably be on my Worgen. From what I've read, it looks like the key to really maxing out your professions will be to be level 85, doing randoms, getting the drops from dungeons, etc. like how Jewelcrafting rare gems worked in Wrath. 

What does this mean for Botany Bay? It means we're looking for people to take up some professions, and those mains with professions will likely be relied on by the rest of the guild more than ever until other alts with these professions can catch up. I know selling the stuff you find instead of donating it to professions might seem like an attractive option, but getting through content without a five man to rain purples on us is going to be harder than ever. Support our troops' professions!

If anyone would like to pick up a profession with their main that isn't yet claimed by one, please let me know and I can update this list. And keep your professional responsibilities in mind as you level. It's just one more thing to work on while we all enjoy this delicious expansion. 

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